Cornelia Jurka-Lang

Versatile Designer With A Passion For Communication based in Cologne, NRW

What do I think about the most? People, their problems and solutions for those. I'm currently working as a UX/UI Designer at! It's a very cool german startup that stands true to 'people first, business second', offers remote work (100% - I'm in Cologne while they are in Berlin) and solves problems for software teams and frontend devs. If that sounds interesting to you, you should check out right away.

About me

I like visuals and patterns. I find those outside and in humans, animals, learning, and games. For some reason (maybe being a millenial) I grew up thinking designing and building digital things was fun. In my case, I started with 12 or so (using Microsoft Frontpage followed by Dreamweaver). Although back then all I had to share were sparkly gifs and comics.

Be true, but kind. Most important to me is being authentic, honest and communicating with respect and kindness. Sometimes to communicate means primarily to listen. I like to help where I can and to feel part of something bigger, which I've found at my current workplace And, as many UX designers, I am passionate about psychology and the future.

If you're interested in a conversation about any of those (or have a good tipp for barre chords)...

Conny waving with guitar

Say hi! You can call me Conny.

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